A New Day In Home Automation – Completely Hands Free Voice Control for Your Home from HouseLogix on Vimeo.


A dream home keeps you comfortable, entertained and always in a good mood.  With Control4, you can have your home remember your preferences and sit back as it prepares your home theatre with your favorite settings, or set up the perfect ambience for a romantic dinner or a fun pool party.

Your dream home powered by Control4 is energy efficient it a dream home for anyone.

Phase 1: Project Briefing

A discussion of client requirements that allows us to understand possible scope, from which to generate an initial quote for confirmation and approval of design schematic and progress timelines.

Phase 2: Design and hardware specifications

Upon receiving agreement and confirmation of project scope, documentation of required technical specifications will be provided to contractor for execution, produced and superimposed from final floor and ceiling plans, including recommended locations for hardware and user interfaces.

Phase 3: System Design Development

Working closely with clients’ team of designers and contractors, supervising and ensuring that all necessary connections are made available and ready for integration.

Phase 4: Programming and Execution

This phase encompasses the Programming, testing and commissioning works required to deliver your dream home experience.